Secretariat for CIOC

For more information regarding the conference attendance, sponsorship etc.., please contact the CIOC Secretary Dept., we will try our utmost to offer the most comprehensive conference service.

  1. Registration:+86 (411) 84808408/09
  2. Fax:+86 (411) 84808410/11/12
  4. Address:Industry Development Department Dalian Commodity Exchange No.129 Huizhan Road Dalian, China 116023
  5. Zip:116023

  • November 8th, 201614:00-22:00 Registration Open Venue: 1F Lobby
    14:00-18:00 Exhibition Open Venue: 1F Pearl River Ballroom Foyer
  • November 9th, 201607:00-10:00 Registration Open Venue: 1F Lobby
    10:00-18:00 Exhibition Open Venue: 1F Pearl River Ballroom Foyer
  • Section 1Keynote AddressVenue: 1F East River & West River Ballroom
    08:30-09:00 1.Dalian Commodity Exchange
    2.Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
  • Section 2:Keynote SpeechVenue: 1F East River & West River Ballroom
    09:00-10:00 Keynote Speech 1: New Normal China’s Macroeconomic Situation Analysis and Prospect
    Speaker: Prof. Yu Yu CHEN, Dept. of Applied Economics, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
    10:00-10:40 Keynote Speech 2: China’s Soybean Industry Policies Discussion and Development Solution
    Speaker: GuoQiang CHENG, General Secretary of Academic Committee, Director of Bureau of International Cooperation, Development Research Centre, the State Council of the People's Republic of China
    10:40-11:20 Keynote Speech 3: Global Soybean Supply & Demand and Price Outlook
    Speaker: Dan Cekander, President, DC Analysis LLC
    11:20-12:00 Keynote Speech 4: Perspectives of South America Soybeans Output and Trading Policies
    Speaker: Fabio Meneghin, Senior Analyst, Brazil AgroconsultConsultoria
    12:00-13:30 Buffet Lunch
  • Section 3Keynote SpeechVenue:1F East River & West River Ballroom
    13:30-14:00 Keynote Speech 5: OTC Derivatives and Business Risk Management
    Speaker: Tao WANG, Professor of Practice, Ph.D. MIT, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    14:00-14:30 Keynote Speech 6: How to Use Options to Hedge Your Grains
    Speaker: Charles Sernatinger, Global Head of Grains, ED&F Man Capital Markets, Inc.
    14:30-15:00 Keynote Speech 7: Current Situation and Perspectives of China’s Oil Crushing Industry
    Speaker: YanChuan LI, Deputy General Manager Oilseeds Processing Division, COFCO Corporation
    15:00-15:30 Keynote Speech 8: Global Palm Oil Supply & Demand and Price Outlook
    Speaker: NagarajMeda, Managing Director, TransGraphConsulting Pvt. Ltd.
    15:30-16:15 Keynote Speech 9: 2016/2017 Price Outlook for World Vegoils
    Speaker: Dorab Mistry, Director, Godrej International Trading & Investment Limited
  • Section 4Panel DiscussionVenue: 1F East River & West River Ballroom
    16:15-17:15 Panel Discussion 1: Risk Management and Development of Agricultural Enterprises
    Chairperson: Wei JIANG, Director of Industry Development Department,Dalian Commodity Exchange
    2.Jian Jun SHI, General Manager, Yongan Futures Co., Ltd
    3.Xiao Yue LI, Ph.D. & MBA, Managing Director of FC Stone L.L.C., US registered commodity trading broker
    4.Yan Chao GUO, Senior Professional Investor
    5.Jack Henshaw, General Manager Assistant of Oils & Oilseeds Division, Jiusan Group
    6.Cheng Gang YU, Partner, Beijing Shi Ji Capital Management Co., Ltd.
    17:15-18:15 Panel Discussion 2: Oils and Oilseeds Market Development Outlook
    Chairperson: Tao CHEN, Chairman, Louis Dreyfus Commodities (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
    1.Zhi CAO, Director of Market Information Department, National Grain & Oils Information Center
    2.Sam BUTLER, Director, American Soybean Association (ASA)
    3.Frank ZHOU, Director of Oilseeds and Vegoil Trading, Grain & Oilseed Supply Chain, Greater China & Korea, Cargill Investments (China) Ltd.
    4.Chaoyang LI (Larry),Deputy Managing Director of Grains & oilseeds China, COFCO Agri Trading (shanghai) Company Limited
    5.Da Xin SUN, General Manager Assistant, Sinograin Oils Corporation
    6.Lee Toong Huang, General Manager, Trading & Marketing, Green Edible Oil SdnBhd
  • November 9th, 201618:30-20:30 Buffet Dinner