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DCE History 2014-2017
  • In 2014
  • On February 28, the PP futures were listed on DCE.
  • On July 4, DCE officially launched the after-hours trading, and the first after-hours-traded futures products were RBD Palm Olein and Coke.
  • DCE signed the memorandums of understanding on cooperation with Euronext and Singapore Exchange Ltd. (SGX).
  • In 2015
  • On March 17, DCE issued a notice, announcing to implement the system of registered brands for delivery on the PVC futures.
  • On October 23, DCE and Borsa Istanbul (BIST) signed the memorandum of understanding on cooperation.
  • On November 11, DCE and Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) signed the agreement on further deepening the cooperation.
  • On December 30, implementation of the bonded delivery business on the iron ore futures was approved.
  • In 2016
  • On January 27, DCE’s "Insurance + Futures" initiative was written into the 2016 No. 1 Central Document. The document clearly states that it is necessary to "launch new futures of agricultural products and carry out the pilot programs for the options of agricultural products”, “explore the establishment of the linkage mechanism for agricultural subsidies, agricultural credit, futures of agricultural products and agricultural insurance”, “expand the insurance + futures pilot program in a steady way”, and “reform and improve the pricing mechanism and purchasing and storage system for cereals and other important agricultural products”.
  • On October 15, China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved the application of DCE for establishing the project of ethylene glycol futures.
  • On November 7, the State Council approved and issued the "Plan for the Revitalization of Northeast China in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period", clearly stating that it is necessary to upgrade the internationalization and service functions of the Dalian Commodity Exchange so as to build a major global futures trading center and steadily expand the pilot program of "insurance + futures".
  • On November 8, DCE and BMD signed a cooperation agreement in Guangzhou on further jointly organizing the China International Oils and Oilseeds Conference (CIOC).
  • On November 9, DCE and BMD jointly held the 11th CIOC in Guangzhou.
  • On December 18, DCE held the sixth general assembly.
  • In 2017
  • On March 27, DCE signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) in Moscow to jointly seek cooperation in more fields.
  • At 9:00 am on March 31, the soybean meal options were successfully listed and traded on DCE, marking the official launch of China's first commodity options. On the day, the market operation was stable on the whole and all parties concerned gave their positive comments.
  • On November 29, DCE released 24 commodity futures indexes, bringing the number of the DCE-released commodity futures indexes to 36.
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