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Organization Structure

Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) implements the corporate governance structure of the "three committees and one management" (namely the Party Committee, the Board of Governors and the Board of Supervisors, as well as the Executive Management) under the leadership of the Party Committee. DCE has formed the management system and operational mechanism characterized by clear rights and responsibilities, complete functions, standardized operation, coordinated performance and effective supervision.

Party Committee of DCE
The DCE Party Committee is the core of the political leadership for DCE. In accordance with the "two-way entry and cross-position appointment" approach, the Party Committee members take positions respectively in the Board of Governors, the Board of Supervisors and the Executive Management, and implement the opinions or decisions of the Party organization in their own governance organs. The DCE Party Committee discusses and makes decisions on major internal Party issues at the Party Committee meetings in accordance with the principle of democratic centralism. The DCE Party Committee consists of six members currently, including one Party chief, two deputy Party chiefs and three other Party Committee members.

Board of Governors
As the authority of DCE, the Members’ Meeting is composed of all members of DCE. As the standing and executive body of the Members’ Meeting, the Board of Governors is the specific holder of the decision-making power of DCE and exercises the decision-making power in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations as well as the bylaws of DCE. Currently, the Board of Governors consists of one chairman and 16 governors, including 13 member governors and 3 non-member governors. The Board of Governors offsets up 10 special committees for strategic advisory, risk management, trading, industrial products, agricultural products, clearing, membership qualification, arbitration, finance, and IT applications.

Board of Supervisors
As the internal supervisory body of DCE, the Board of Supervisors exercises the supervisory power, preventing operational risks and promoting the standardized operation and healthy development of DCE. The Board of Supervisors consists of one chairperson and six supervisors, including three member supervisors and three employee supervisors.
DCE has set up 18 internal departments including Executive Office, Trading Department, Clearing Department, Market Regulation Department, Products Department I, Products Department II, Products Department III, Derivatives Department, OTC Products Department, Market Development Department (Global Business Development Department), Information Technology Department I, Information Technology Department II, Legal Affairs Department, Communications Department, Human Resource Department, Finance Department, Audit Department, Discipline Inspection Office, 2 regional head offices including Shanghai Office, and Singapore Representative Office, and 4 subsidiaries including DCE Institute for Futures and Options Research Co., Ltd., Futures IT Co., Ltd. , DCE FinTech Testing Co., Ltd., and Administration Services Co., Ltd.

Leadership Members
Party Chief and Chairman of Board of Governor: Ran Hua
Deputy Party Chief and CEO: Yan Shaoming
Deputy Party Chief, Chairman of Board of Supervisors and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission: Zhao Shengde
Party Committee Members and Vice Presidents: Wang Weijun
Vice President: Wang Yufei
Party Committee Members and Vice Presidents: Cheng Weidong
Executive Assistant: Liu Zhiqiang

Members’ Meeting
Executive TeamBoard of GovernorsBoard of Supervisors
Internal DepartmentsRegional Head OfficesSubsidiariesSpecial Committees
Chairman:Ran Hua
Non-member Governors:Ran Hua, Yan Shaoming, Zhao Hongjun
Member Governors (by Surname Strokes): Ma Wensheng, Wang Yidong, Lu Dayin, Xu Danliang, Li Jianzhong, Zhang Yan, Zhang Hao, Chen Yutao, Zhao Guiping, Hu Jun, Xu Weizhong, Luan Richeng, Ge Guodong

Email:inquiries@dce.com.cn Tel:86-411-84808226
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