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DCE Assists National Poverty-stricken County

Date:20 June 2018
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To respond to the call of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping and implement the arrangement of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) has, according to the cooperation and exchange with Tianshui City of Ganshu Province, mobilized market institutions to help its pair-assistance object Qin’an County, the national poverty-stricken county, and carried out a series of assistance activities this year, including donation and talent training.

During the survey in Qin’an on June 14, DCE Party Chief and Chairman Li Zhengqiang met Wang Rui, Vice Chairman of the Ganshu Provincial CPPCC and Party Chief of Tianshui. They’ve compared notes on further strengthening efforts on poverty relief and assistance, propelling cooperation and exchange, and promoting the economic and social development of Tianshui and Qin’an. Li Zhengqiang said that DCE should actively respond to the call of General Secretary Xi Jinping and devote itself to the poverty alleviation cause under the deployment of the CSRC. DCE has attached great importance to the cooperation with Tianshui and will give full play to the advantages and features of a futures exchange to mobilize various forces to play a positive role in implementing the national poverty alleviation strategy and earnestly assist the counterpart poverty-stricken county, thus make contributions to the economic development and poverty alleviation of Tianshui. Besides, on the basis of the existing counterpart assistance, DCE will expand its cooperation with Tianshui to better promote its economic and social development.

The “Ceremony of DCE Donating to Qin’an” was held in Qin’an on June 15. At the ceremony, DCE donated RMB 1.448 million to Qin’an as the subsidies for teachers, scholarships for poor college students and fund for health care centers in poor villages. And it also donated 200 computers to schools in poor villages of Qin’an.

Li Zhengqiang said at the ceremony that DCE applied to the CSRC in 2017 for designating Qin’an County as its pair-assistance object, which has been approved and supported by the CSRC. According to the arrangement of the CSRC, two DCE officials have taken temporary posts in Tianshui. Besides, DCE has signed the “Agreement on Fueling Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation in Tianshui by Futures Market” with Tianshui and taken many other measures to support its economic development and poverty alleviation, including organizing 2 sessions of financial training for the cadres of Tianshui Party Organizations and Government, researching to set up a futures delivery warehouse and helping large enterprises to negotiate with listed companies on different projects.

He said that DCE will fully display the pivotal role of the market, combine “blood transfusion” with “hematopoiesis” and “poverty alleviation” with “intellectual assistance”, and make full use of “insurance + futures” and other futures instruments in poverty alleviation. And it will mobilize the forces of relevant parties and help to vitalize the resources in Qin’an through marketized mechanisms, enhance the quality and efficiency of its economic and social development, and organized targeted programs to help alleviate poverty in Qin’an.

Li Zhengqiang said that DCE will adopt more specific measures to support the development of Qin’an. First, it will make the most of a futures exchange to mobilize relevant parties and form concerted efforts on poverty alleviation. Second, it will support the industry enterprises and farmers there to manage price fluctuation risk by effectively using the futures market and thus realize a stable operation. Third, it will strengthen the efforts on poverty alleviation and formulate targeted policies for poverty-stricken areas and groups according to local conditions. Fourth, it will explore to set up a long-term cooperation mechanism, deepen the bilateral exchange between DCE and Qin’an and intensify their cooperation in talents cultivation.

After the donation ceremony, several other activities were held, including the inauguration ceremony for the Industry-finance Training Base of the Beijing Egg Processing and Sales Industry Association (at the support of DCE), the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Targeted Poverty Alleviation with Shanghai Topix Futures (at the introduction of DCE), and a training session on Egg Futures Serving Rural Revitalization Strategy. Relevant experts from China Agricultural University, Beijing Egg Processing and Sales Industry Association, Mailyard Futures and Sichuan Luke Poultry Company were invited to deliver a training for over 60 persons, including some officials of Tianshui Party organizations and government departments and heads of laying-hens feeding enterprises.

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