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DCE Deals with 116 Abnormal Transactions in Q4

Date:06 January 2020
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To deeply implement the requirement of the “strict and comprehensive regulation by law”, earnestly fulfill the front-line regulation responsibility, intensify market regulation efforts, and maintain the good market trading order, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) has continued to crack down on all kinds of violations.

In the 4th quarter of 2019, DCE cracks down on 116 cases of abnormal transactions, including 76 cases of self-transactions exceeding frequency limit and 40 cases of frequently submitting and canceling orders; it investigates and handles 33 violation clues, including 7 cases of transferring funds through matched orders, 15 cases of affecting prices of contracts through self-transactions or agreed trades, 9 cases of violating position limits, and 2 cases of affecting market quotations by spoofing; it adds 1,087 accounts of 297 groups into the key monitoring list; and it issues 170 “Market Supervision Inquiry Letters” and identifies and urges 645 accounts of 272 groups to apply for actual control relationship.

DCE has always practiced the mission of “serving the real economy and market participants”, strictly cracked down on violations, and diversified the regulation mechanisms and methods, in a bid to protect the legitimate rights and interests of futures market participants.

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