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Invitation to DCE 2019 Institutional Commodity Derivatives Forum

Date:09 August 2019
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Invitation to DCE 2019 Institutional Commodity Derivatives Forum

In order to further adapt to the opening-up of capital market, Dalian Commodity Exchange will be holding the2019 Institutional Commodity Derivatives Forum in Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian, on 27th August 2019. The forum aims to promote commodity derivatives as instrument utilized by financial institutions to serve the real economy, and to enhance futures market functioning in terms of risk management and asset allocation. The theme this year is “Energize the New Era and Create a New Future by Integrating Industrial and Financial Capital”.

We sincerely invite you to attend the event. To register, please visit below link http://event.31huiyi.com/1660074060/Login/JoinuserLogin?returnUrl=http%3a%2f%2fevent.31huiyi.com%2f1660074060%2fUserCenter%2fJoinuserOrderList%3flang%3den&lang=en. You will receive a confirmation letter after submitting the requested information, including your business card.

Attachment: Forum Agenda

Dalian Commodity Exchange

1st August, 2019


DCE 2019 Institutional Commodity Derivatives Forum

Energize the New Era and Create a New Future by Integrating Industrial and Financial Capital



August 26th – August 27th 2019


Level 3 Hall, Dalian Shangri-La Hotel

August 26th  (Monday)


Forum Registration

Venue: Ground Floor Foyer, Dalian Shangri-La Hotel

August 27th  (Tuesday)  Morning


Forum Registration

Venue: Ground Floor Foyer, Dalian Shangri-La Hotel

August 27th  (Tuesday)  Morning

Session 1


Welcome Address:

Dalian Municipal People’s Government

China Securities Regulatory Commission

Dalian Commodity Exchange


Keynote Speech 1:

Development and Expectation of FICC Services of Securities Companies

Securities Association of China


Keynote Speech 2:

Current Situation and Future Trends of Private Equities’ Participation in the Commodity Market

Asset Management Association of China


Keynote Speech 3:

Opportunities and Innovations of Asset Management Services of Futures Companies

China Futures Association

Session 2


Keynote Speech 1:

Strategic Transformation of Chinese Economy under the New Situation


Keynote Speech 2:

A Discussion of Macroeconomics and Large Asset Allocation

Xiang Jihong, General Manager, Jwin-Captial


Keynote Speech 3:

Expectation of Commodity Asset Investment Opportunities of H2 2019

Xie Donghai, Chairman & CIO, Sy-Capital


Keynote Speech 4:

R&D System and Cultural Concept of Commodity Asset Investments

Xiao Guoping, General Manager, YonganGuofu Asset Management



August 27th  (Tuesday)  Afternoon

Session 3


Keynote Speech 5:

Investment Philosophies and Trading Strategies of Commodity Assets of Overseas Financial Institutions


Keynote Speech 6:

Future Trends of Mutual Funds’ Participation in the Commodity Market

Luo Hongyan, Managing Director, R&D Department, ChinaAMC


Keynote Speech 7:

Commodity Business Models of Multinational Investment Banks and the Application in China

Lu Wenqi, Executive General Manager, Commodity and Fixed Income

Department, CICC


Keynote Speech 8:

Innovation of Commercial Banks in Integration of Industrial and Financial Capital of the Commodity Industry

Lu Yifeng, Vice President, Financial Market Trading Center, CCB


Keynote Speech 9:

Symbiosis of Financial Institutions and Real Enterprises under the New Era

Xi Qing, General Manager, SY-investment


Panel 1:

How Could Financial Institutions Help with Real Economy under the Supply-Side Financial Reform


Panel 2

Commodity Asset Investment and Risk Management



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