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Notice on Starting Simulation Trading of RBD Palm Olein Options

Date:28 May 2021
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Ref: No. 232  [2021] DCE

May 28, 2021

Dalian Commodity Exchange

To all members:

Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) will launch simulation trading for the RBD palm olein options on June 1, 2021. All members are required to effectively make technical and operational preparations and organize clients to participate, so as to ensure the smooth operation of RBD palm olein options simulation trading. Relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

I. Participation

The clients who obtained simulation trading codes in DCE can participate in the trading directly. Otherwise, clients can apply for simulation trading codes through the members.

II. Listed Contracts

The first batch of listed contracts includes the RBD Palm Olein Options contracts with P2109, P2110, P2111, P2112, P2201, P2202, P2203, P2204, P2205 as the underlying futures contracts.

III. Trading Order

DCE will offer the limit order and the stop limit order, and the maximum bid/offer quantity of each trading order of the option contract shall be the same as that for the underlying futures contract.

IV. Trading Hours

The trading hours for simulation trading are 9:00-11:30 and 13:30-15:00 from Monday to Friday. There is no night session trading.

V. Listing Benchmark Prices

The listing benchmark prices of the newly-listed options contracts based on the BAW American futures options pricing model. The interest rate in the model is the one-year time deposit benchmark interest rateand the volatility is the 90-day historical volatility of the underlying futures contract.

VI. Exercise and Fulfillment

In the trading hours of any trading day and from 15:00 to 15:30 on the expiration date, clients may submit application for exercise, hedging liquidation of the two-way options positions, hedging liquidation of the two-way futures positions following exercising or fulfillment.

During the trading hours of the expiration date and from 15:00 to 15:30 on the expiration date, clients may submit application for canceling automatic exercise of options.

VII. Position Limit Management

No position limit shall be carried out against the option contract and the futures contract on a consolidated basis. The position limit of the RBD palm olein options are 10,000 lots. The accounts with actual control relationship shall be regarded as one account.

VIII. Relevant Fees

The trading fee of  RBD palm olein options is 0.5 CNY/lot, and the exercise (fulfillment) fee is 1 CNY/lot.

IX. Contacts

Yuanbo Tian, Trading Department, 86-411-84808581

Liu Liu, Clearing Department, 86-411-84808573

Ziwei Liu, Surveillance Department, 86-411-84808791

Li Yi, Technology Operations & Maintenance Center,  86-411-84808717

Attachment: RBD Palm Olein Options Contracts of Dalian Commodity Exchange ( Simulation Trading)





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