Notice on Implementing Trading Limit for the Iron Ore Futures

Date:21 August 2017
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August 18, 2017

Our Ref: No. 254 [2017] DCE

Dalian Commodity Exchange

To member units:

According to the relevant rules in the “Measures of Dalian Commodity Exchange for Risk Management”, it has been decided upon discussion that starting from the trading on August 22, 2017 (the after-hours trading on August 21), the sum of the long positions and the short positions of a single contract on the 1801 Contract and 1805 Contract of the iron ore futures taken by a non-futures-company member or client shall not be more than 6,000 contracts on a trading day.

The number of the positions taken in the hedging trading is not limited.

The related accounts under common control shall be managed as one account.

The member units are required to effectively prevent risks and remind the investors to be prudent in operation and rational in investment so as to maintain the stable market operation.

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